International Academy of Management, Law,

Finance and business is a modern educational

Institution that provides the labor market with highly qualified and

Competitive international experts.

The educational activity of the MAUPFIB is carried out in accordance with the
Ministry of Education and Science
license of Kyrgyz Republic № LD 140000527.
In MAUPFiB you can go through all the stages of education:

College, bachelor’s, master’s, post-graduate.

You can choose for yourself a convenient form of education:

Full-time, part-time.

The classes are conducted by highly professional teachers, among whom are Doctors of Science,

Candidates of sciences, excellents of education of the Kyrgyz Republic,

Teachers who have extensive experience in scientific, pedagogical and practical work.
The Academy has been operating for more than 20 years.

For the years of the university’s existence prepared more than 15 thousand specialists

With higher and secondary vocational education.
MAUPFiB has a good material base:

Educational building with spacious, bright auditoriums,

There is a library and resource center with an educational

Scientific and fiction literature (including electronic),

A reading room, methodical rooms,

An assembly hall, modern computer classes with Internet access.

One of the promising areas of activity

Academy is an international cooperation with foreign universities.

There are agreements on cooperation with universities in Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey.
International Academy of Management,
Law, finance and business
Implements the following higher education programs:
Direction «ECONOMICS»
Profiles: Finance and credit, accounting, analysis and audit,

Taxes and taxation, economics and management at the enterprise,

World economy, economic and legal security
Profile: «Civil law»
Direction «MANAGEMENT»
Profiles: Financial management, management of medium and small business
Profile: Applied Informatics in Economics Forms and terms of training: full-time 4-year;
Part-time 5-year;
Admission to the 1-course based on the results of ORT.

Directions :


The form of training is full-time; Duration of training 2 years
— Second higher education — Bachelor’s degree in economics,

Applied informatics, jurisprudence, management.
— on the basis of a diploma of higher education (specialist, bachelor, master)
-based on the diploma of secondary specialized education (college, technical school).
Forms and terms of training:
Full-time3 years, part-time 4 years.

Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking (SAFBD)
Bachelor in Economics
Full-time education is offered for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd courses
In MAUPF and B (Bishkek). 4-course of training in SAFBD (Novosibirsk).

Conducts training on the basis of 9-11 classes in the following specialties:
— Economics and accounting (on branches) — Finance (on branches)
-Taxes and taxation
-Hotel service
-Protection activity
-Technical maintenance of computer facilities and computer networks
— Software of computer facilities and automated systems
Forms and terms of training: full-time correspondence
On the basis of 11 classes: 2 years 2.5 years
On the basis of 9 classes: 3 years 3.5 years

student life

Students’ student life is

Very saturated. Students participate in

Various radio, TV debates, creative, intellectual contests and festivals, teams

KVN and «Tamashou» permanent members of various musical projects. There are sports sections

On various sports and circles of intellectually creative direction.

Among our students there are members of the youth team of the Kyrgyz Republic

(On wrestling, pankration, billiard sports.)

MAUPFiB provides:

Dormitory for non-resident students;
Discounts for honors pupils;
Postponement of conscription;
Possibility of additional training

On the courses: driving, computer literacy,

Accounting education, languages, etc.

Documents for admission:

Education document

ORT certificate

Copy of passport or birth certificate.

Photos 6 pcs. Size 3×4

Honey certificate (form 086-U) for persons entering

In 1 course full-time.

Accompanying certificate (for boys)

Our coordinates:

Bishkek, Belarus 6-A.

Telephones: 534-553, 534-719, 462-286.

March. Taxi: 122,154,157,102,164, 175, 228, 226.

Trolleybus number 17.7.

Stop the street. K. Karasayeva (Druzhby street)

We are waiting for you!

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