Full-Time Department

The full-time program of the Academy implements educational programs:

— Bachelor’s degree with a standard term of study 4 years
— Masters with a standard term of study of 2 years
— secondary vocational education.

Preparation of bachelors and masters is conducted in the directions

High efficiency of the educational process is provided by highly qualified faculty. The share of teachers with academic degrees and titles is 51%, among them there are 13 doctors and professors (13%).
A great deal of attention is paid to the quality of the students’ preparation, which are evaluated according to the results of the current, intermediate and final attestations. The daytime department uses a modular-rating system for monitoring student knowledge (IDGC), which involves the activation of students of all types of its educational activities. Applications (IDGC) is aimed at improving the quality of training through:
-creation of motivation of active work of students during the whole semester;
— minimizing the absence of classes;
— obtaining a more accurate and objective assessment of knowledge, skills and training of students;
-to achieve a holistic perception of the content of the discipline and the interrelationships between the different disciplines of the curriculum;
-extension, deepening and increasing the effectiveness of independent work of students.

Students of all forms of education pass an intermediate certification in writing, to exclude subjectivity in assessing the knowledge of students. The final score is made up of the current and final control balls.
We also practice a very effective tool for analyzing the quality of knowledge obtained through conducting a «cut of knowledge» among students through testing.

On the day-time department, joint educational programs are being implemented with the universities of Russia, with the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking (SAFBD, Novosibirsk) in the direction of economics;

With the Moscow Institute of Management and Law (MOUIP, Moscow), in the areas of economics and jurisprudence. As part of the implementation of the joint educational program, MAUPFiB was visited by the dean of the SAFBD economics department on April 25-27, 2016, the entrance to the visit was devoted to the issues of leaving the students involved in the program in Novosibirsk in 2016 to complete the training. It is also planned, the departure of students to MOUIP (Moscow) in the direction of training law.

Educational work conducted at the Academy is an integral part of the educational process and is aimed at developing and supporting student self-government, forming patriotism among students, understanding the place of youth in the transformation of social and economic conditions in the Kyrgyz Republic. Educational work is carried out according to the plan.

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