Chair Management and Social and Economic Disciplines

Chair Management and Social and Economic Disciplines

Since 2007, the Chair «Management and Socio-Economic Disciplines» is headed by Dr.Saikbaeva A.A. Cafedra, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Honored Economist of the Kyrgyz Republic, provides an effective solution of educational, teaching, pedagogical, organizational, methodological, research and Information and analytical tasks to improve the skills and training of specialists in the field of theory and practice of management of the organization.

She is the issuing chair on the specialty «Management of organization» (specialization «Financial management» and «State and municipal management», «Business management»). Annually more than 50 students graduate from these specializations. Within the framework of the Master’s program, the department trains highly qualified specialists in the field of «Organization Management».
Students of all specialties and specializations of the Academy who study according to the programs of higher and additional professional education, in accordance with the state standard, are trained at the department on the following courses: management, marketing, strategic management, entrepreneurship, management decision development, logistics, business ethics, management psychology .
Graduates of the department successfully work in the organization of various forms of property: public and private, various fields of activity: tax, customs, trade, travel agencies and hotels, advertising and PR companies, etc., because they acquire professional knowledge and skills in creating and managing the organization.
The department has its own library in the number of 102 books and textbooks on disciplines assigned to the department. There are more than 71 special disciplines in the department.
The staff of the department is 14 people. Of them:

Doctor of Economics — 3 people
Candidates of economic sciences — 6 persons
Associate professor of the Academy — 2 people;
Teachers of the Academy — 3 people;

The main emphasis from the very first days is put on students, organizations and teachers. Students receive a unique opportunity to study at our university.
Thanks to the advantages of MAUPF, our graduates show high professionalism at the end of their studies. In addition, the faculty has an active student life.

Teachers are selected very strictly. They will not only teach you, they will find an individual approach to you: special attention is paid to the development of individual characteristics of students — after all, all incoming have the characteristics that will be useful in their future work.

The department, providing training for top-level specialists, is focused on the use of modern, progressive, innovative management techniques, management of economic, marketing and advertising activities. Therefore, for the organization of laboratory works on the study of techniques of special disciplines, there is an inter-laboratory laboratory consisting of 3 large computer classes equipped with modern computers with the latest releases of the programs installed on them.

We understand that you, like every graduate when choosing a university, decide the important question: «How to become what I want to be?»

The secret is simple:

1) Choose 3-5 specialties that you like. Be sure to look at how specialists work in these areas and understand — whether this is what you want.
2) Find out in which universities this is taught.
3) Choose a useful education for yourself. Remember that the most important advantages of the university are the quality of education, attitudes towards students, guaranteed employment, and, of course, a convenient location.
In order not to make a mistake in choosing, be sure to attend open days
If you are preparing to enter the university, then in 2013-2014 academic year you can already start planning your education together with us, develop together with professional friends, start realizing your most important project — a project called «I». We have the «Young Manager» club, where you can sign up and take trainings with the Academy students — now.
We can help you in choosing and consulting in the field of higher education, then contact the operational consultant who will answer your questions by phone: 53-45-53.

You can ask any question.

In any case: if you have already chosen a university or just preparing to do it, we wish you good luck!