Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit

Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit

The development of market relations determines the urgency of training economists in the specialty of «Accounting, Analysis and Audit». The increasing role of the accountant in the functioning of a commercial organization, the expansion of small and medium-sized businesses requires an increasing number of accountants, which determines the attractiveness and prospects of this specialty. The practice of the subsequent employment of graduates of the department testifies that certified accountants are always in demand. The scope of the accountant’s activities includes the performance of accounting, analytical, audit and audit-audit work.

The department «Accounting, Analysis and Audit» was established by the decision of the Academic Council of the MAUPFI in 2000 and is one of the leading departments of the Academy. The department is a graduate and prepares specialists of higher professional education in specialty 521604 «Accounting, Analysis and Audit» with the issuance at the end of the state diploma, with qualification «Economist». The department provides training of accountants for various sectors of the economy, in particular, there are specializations: «Accounting, analysis and audit in commercial organizations (except banks and PKU)», «Accounting, analysis and audit in banks and PKU», «Accounting , Analysis and audit in budget and non-profit organizations. «

The goal of the department is to provide training of highly qualified specialists in the specialty «Accounting, Analysis and Audit», bachelors, undergraduates in Economics, specialization «Accounting, Analysis and Audit» on the basis of modern educational standards and technologies.

Tasks of the department:

Creation of a system of educational and methodical complexes, adapted to modern requirements for training specialists;

Development of methods of teaching disciplines of the department;

Formation of the necessary qualifications;

Improving the student’s self-study system;

Deepening and expanding research in the field of accounting, analysis and audit.

Since 2000, the department is headed by Professor K. Nazamatova, who previously held the post of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. During his career, K.M. Nazarmatova. Has trained hundreds of accountants, economists and financiers who currently work as managers, chief accountants of enterprises and banks, as well as inspectors in the state tax inspection, financial police and other state institutions of the republic.

The educational process on the specialty «Accounting, Analysis and Audit» is based on a combination of traditional and interactive teaching methods, regular monitoring of students’ knowledge based on developed teaching aids, workshops, test tasks and task books.

The Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit is a graduate, therefore special attention is paid to the methodical support of the execution of course, final qualification works and master’s theses, as well as organization of all types of student practices — educational, production, prequalification, pedagogical and research.

The department is serviced by 24 employees, including 23 faculty members and 1 laboratory assistant. The department unites the faculty: 6 professors (26,08%), 6 associate professors (26,08%), 2 acting teachers. (8.71%), 5 senior lecturers (21.74%), 4 teachers (17.39%) and 1 training and support staff (4.35%), providing teaching on the proper scientific, theoretical, methodological and organizational The level of disciplines assigned to the department and the conduct of research and teaching and methodical work.

The department, providing training for top-level specialists, is focused on the use of modern, progressive, innovative methods of accounting, analysis and audit. Therefore, to organize laboratory work on the disciplines of specialization, there is an inter-departmental laboratory consisting of 3 large computer classes equipped with modern computers and 4 classrooms for the disciplines: «Accounting Financial Accounting», «Accounting Management Accounting», «Audit» and «Economic Analysis»

Dozens of textbooks, teaching aids, test and control questions for the students of the academy and commercial and economic college for the taught subjects have been compiled, developed and published on the open press by the professors and preachers.

Professors Nazamratova K., M., Ermekbayev AZ, Israilov M.I., Arzybaev A.A., Aliev A.A., Osmonaliev A.O. and other teachers have written dozens of monographs and scientific articles devoted to the actual problems of Kyrgyzstan in the field Accounting, analysis and audit. The PPS actively participates in inter-university scientific and practical conferences held in the republic and has spoken with dozens of scientific reports and reports.

Thanks to the advantages of MAUPF, the graduates of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit demonstrate high professionalism at the end of their studies and are employed in large industrial, commercial and construction enterprises, budgetary institutions (tax service, social fund, statistical committee, Ministry of Finance). For example, graduates in 2012 are employed at 92%. Of these, 73% are employed by profession, 27% by profession. Today the graduates of the department successfully compete in the market not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Turkey, the UAE and occupy leading positions.