Department of Finance and Credit

The department «Finance and Credit» was created by the decision of the Academic Council of IAUPF & B from 01.07.00. The department is a graduate, prepares bachelors and masters in the direction «Economics» (profile «Finance and credit»). Annually more than 150 students graduate in this direction.
The main goal of the department is to satisfy the growing demand for the training of modern specialists with knowledge, skills and ability to apply them in the process of forming and implementing professional training, creating mechanisms and implementing technologies for sustainable social and economic development of the country, regions and enterprises.

This goal can be achieved on the basis of:

• increasing the intellectual potential of the department and the Academy, developing the research base of the department, enhancing the professionalism of the faculty;

• Introduction of innovative methods of organization of educational process, application of progressive educational technologies;

• formation of cooperation with strategic partners.

Implementation of this goal of the department development is provided by the solution of the following tasks:

In the academic work: — Diversification of the activities of the department, the development of new types of training, which have an increased demand in the market of educational services — postgraduate, magistracy, short courses, focused training of specialists;
— Development and implementation of modern teaching technologies, improving the content and methods of teaching;
— Creation at the department of permanent working groups that monitor and improve individual training blocks;
— Ensuring the procedure for verge and final control through surveys and questioning of students, as well as the introduction of a testing system in the educational process;
— Increase of the responsibility of undergraduates for the quality of the submitted works.
In the scientific work:
— Increasing the competitiveness of the department as the leading scientific and pedagogical school in the field of finance;
— Development of scientific topics and concepts:
• Monetary policy of the Kyrgyz Republic
• Financial and credit aspects of economic regulation in the Kyrgyz Republic
• Identification of potential insurance prospects in the Kyrgyz Republic
• Economics, organization and management of enterprises, industries and service industries
• Improving fiscal policy in the Kyrgyz Republic
Implementation of the main directions of the scientific work of the department is accomplished by solving the following tasks:
• Strengthening of coordination of subjects of scientific researches of undergraduates, their concentration on the basic directions of scientific researches of the department;
• Conducting on a regular basis scientific and methodological seminars of the department and scientific and practical conferences, to which graduates of the department are invited;
• Expansion of the chair’s participation in republican and international projects, regular implementation of publications on topical topics of the department;
• development of the personnel potential of the department, promotion of professional development, rejuvenation of staff.
At the department individual and collective scientific works, textbooks and teaching aids, analytical materials are created, and also scientific-theoretical and applied research is conducted in the process of preparation of master’s, candidate’s and doctoral dissertations.
Staff of the Department of Finance and Credit

Leadership of the department is exercised by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Joldosheva Tamara Yuldashevna. Phone: + 996-312-53-17-12

There are 24 teachers at the department: 3 doctors and 10 candidates of economic sciences, including 15 full-time teachers (62.5%), 9 part-time teachers (37.5%). Among full-time teachers, the share of graded PPPs is 40%.


Educational programs of the department

The department is entrusted with the duty to conduct all the main disciplines in the field of «Finance and Credit». Among them: «Finance», «Money, credit, banks», «Enterprise Economics», «Taxes and Taxation», «National Economy», «Insurance», «Securities Market», etc.

The educational-methodical work of the department is conducted according to the plan of educational-methodical work in the following areas:

— participation in the development of standards of the third generation;

-development and approval of working curricula for new standards;

— the development of a CMD with a package of relevant documents on the disciplines assigned to the department The chair also carries out:

Development of syllabuses for students;

Preparation and publication of methodical instructions for students and teachers for all types of classes;

Testing for intermediate and final control of students;

Development of methodological instructions and tasks for the execution of course, final qualification works of the bachelor and master;

Introduction in the educational process of new learning technologies;

Providing the educational process with highly qualified teaching staff.

Scientific research activity

General theme of the research work of the department «Financial and credit aspects of market transformation in the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic».

For 2013-2015 years. On the chair successfully defended one doctoral thesis (Dzholdosheva T.Yu. «The non-banking sector of the economy of the KR: problems and prospects of its development», the scientific adviser is Doctor of Economics, Professor Musakojoev Sh.M.) and 2 Ph.D. theses (1. Zhumabekova N «The interaction of human capital and education system in .KR», supervisor of studies Dr.Sc., professor Musakozhoev Sh.M., 2.Zhakshylykova K.Zh. «Organizational-pedagogical bases of multilevel vocational training of specialists in the economic profile in Conditions of the labor market «)

Bozieva Z.A st.prep. Of the department «Finance and Credit» is completing work on the topic of the candidate’s thesis «The shadow economy of the KR and its influence on the formation of the state budget of the KR», the scientific adviser is Doctor of Economics, Professor Orozbaeva AO.

Number of published monographs -1- «Non-banking sector in the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic», author of Dr.Sc., Joldosheva T.Yu. And articles 25, incl. Published: in foreign editions — 3; In the editions of the Kyrgyz Republic — 22.

The faculty of the department constantly works to improve its qualification and pedagogical skills: they passed an internship in France, in g.G. Kiev, Minsk, St. Petersburg, many teachers took courses in the development of skills EDNET, Karana, etc. Young teachers are trained in graduate school at the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, KNU them. Balasagyn, KSU.

International cooperation, projects and grants

Kyrgyzstan, integrating into the international educational space, decided to join the Bologna agreement. Our academy, following the example of pilot universities, actively joined in this direction. The Finance and Credit Department participated in the Eurasia Foundation project aimed at improving the quality of education in connection with the transition of the educational process to the Bologna credit-hours system. In accordance with the objectives of the project, a collection of professional and educational programs was prepared for the students of economic specialties: «Public Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic», «State Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic», » Banking «,» Economics of Pre-Pro-riation «.

The department «Finance and Credit», in November 2012 participated in the competition of projects «Training program for business planning.» In October 2012 our department participated in the competition of projects supported by the UNMIK. The project «Problems of development and employment of youth of the Kyrgyz Republic», written by the «Finance and Credit» department, passed a competitive evaluation and was recommended to the UNMIK for implementation. This project was implemented in 2013.

The Finance and Credit Department initiated the conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation between the MAUPF and the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking in Novosibirsk. This memorandum was signed by the rectors of the two universities, at present this program is being successfully implemented.

Demand for specialists

By the forces of the department and by the students themselves, such a practice base is chosen so that it corresponds to the specialization and has a relationship with the chosen profession, therefore practically all students are directly involved in production, banks, tax inspections, etc. Graduates of the department have found application of their professional activities in various Ministries, departments, tax inspections, enterprises, insurance and audit companies, etc. Many students of our department, while undergoing pre-diploma practice, remain in production, in particular, graduates of the department «Finance and Credit» work: Aymamat at A — Bakai Bank, Turusbekova N.- «BTA Bank», Mataev U.- «RSK Bank», Maskaleva E.- «AiylBank», Moldobaeva J. — «EcoIslamic Bank», Akunova N.- » Demir Bank, Z. Rozieva and A. Bodachieva — Bank Bakai, Makhmutkeev R.- «Uni Credit Bank», Kudinova Yu. — NBKR, in the ICC «Chance-Invest» — Sydykov R., Dzholdosheva C. — «Kyrgyzstan» airline, Chodulov K.- executive director of LLC «Mega trance», Salikova V. — General Director of LLC Mega Trans, Tutuev R. — tax inspection of Shopokov of Sokulu rayon, Dzholdoshev E. — OJSC Gazpromneft-Kyrgyzstan, as well as in other financial and credit institutions. Also among our graduates there are students who work in state institutions (MES KR), Office of the President and Government of the KR, NSC KR — (Alymkulova A), etc.